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The online program that helps you become a great leader in tech in 10 weeks

At Ignite you will focus on developing soft and leadership skills, you will learn team management processes and tools, acquire a customer-centric business vision and gain a 360° technical vision that will make you a great leader in tech.

🗓  Next edition date: to be announced

💵 Pricing: 1497 €

🇺🇸  Hosted in English

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📅 Marzo, 2022

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The purpose of Ignite is simple

We take a holistic approach to technology leadership, preparing leaders who prioritize people, business and technology. A great leader makes an impact through their team, acting as a sherpa, and enables effective collaboration with other areas of the company.

Our curriculum focuses on developing soft and leadership skills, learning team management processes and tools, acquiring a customer-centric business vision, and gaining a 360° technical vision that will make you a great leader in tech.

Ignite is a 10-week program with 60 hours of dedication, distributed among 20 hours of group sessions, 20 hours of live sessions with specialized mentors, one personalized 1-hour mentoring session, individual and group activities, more than 20 hours of content and extra resources.

Program syllabus

The program requires a minimum of 4 hours and an average of 6 hours of work per week. These are divided between the live session (2 hours per week), solving exercises, consuming extra content and interacting with your peers and mentor.

There will also be some breaks during the program so that you can dedicate yourself in depth to prepare specific sessions and their previous exercises.

# Horas
Del liderazgo personal al liderazgo formal - Conoce la oportunidad de liderazgo en tecnología. - Realiza ejercicios para la definición y planificación de tu carrera profesional. - Introducción a los micro-hábitos, técnicas de aprendizaje y consejos adicionales para desarrollar tu liderazgo informal. 
Sesión 1
Inicio, roles de liderazgo en tecnología y el Marco de Competencias para el Liderazgo en Tecnología. Lo que se espera de los Tech Leads/EMs y las habilidades y procesos más importantes que hay que dominar para tener éxito en el rol.
Sesión 2
Concentración, productividad y la planificación para lograr un alto rendimiento La agenda del manager, el manejo de las interrupciones, la priorización efectiva y la gestión de la energía.
Sesión 3
Visión técnica. Visión técnica general, diseño de sistemas, mentalidad orientada al product y planificación.
Sesión 4
Visión técnica Aplicada. Diseño de sistemas, mentalidad orientada al producto, elaboración de presupuestos y planificación.  
Sesión 5
Dominio de los procesos: Mentorías/Coaching, 1-1s ¿Qué son los 1:1s?, ejecutar 1:1s efectivos, ¿Por qué mentoring es importante?, metodologías para hacer mentoring.
Sesión 6
Dominio de los procesos: Evaluación del desempeño, contratación e incorporación.
Sesión 7
Comunicación empresarial para techies — Conoce las bases para hablar en público, traducir las necesidades del negocio en tecnología (y viceversa) e influir de forma efectiva y positiva con Pablo Velarde.
Sesión 8
Liderando equipos de alto rendimiento — Propósito y valores, cómo motivar equipos, incentivar la apropiación de responsabilidades y como dar retroalimentación.
Sesión de Mentoría
Sesión de mentoría 1-1 Prepararás la guía de mentoría y discutiremos sobre tu carrera profesional, siguientes hitos y obstáculos. 
Sesión 9
Resolución de conflictos. Explora los aspectos claves para la correcta resolución de conflictos a través de ejercicios prácticos con nuestro coach de liderazgo, Alfons Foubert
Sesión 10
Presentación de proyecto final y cierre de curso Demostración del proyecto, recapitulación y retrospectiva.

What does the training include?

Here's a brief summary of what you'll get in the Ignite program:


🇺🇸 Hosted in English

🌎 Limited edition to 20 attendees

🗓 Next edition date: To be announced

🎁  💸 11% de descuento en el precio total del programa, 1497 € 1347 €

🎁 + 6 meses de Lidr Academy, valorados en 499€

📅  Marzo, 2022
Edición Español

20 hours of live team mentoring (2 hours per week): Each session will be a hybrid of practical exercises, mentoring, group discussion, lectures and real case implementation. The live sessions have a duration of 2 hours and are 100% online.

+ 40 hours of recorded content and resources to dig deeper into the theory and frameworks behind each concept.

BONUS: 3 Live masterclasses with Lidr’s top mentors.

1:1 North Star Session (60min)

Private one-hour session with your mentor to identify your North Star and apply the Lean Career method to set milestones and track your progress.

Lifetime access to the Lidr community.

On top of the public area, you will have access to Ignite’s private channel for team problem-solving, accountability, sharing resources, and tightening feedback loops between sessions.

Lifetime access to all recordings, material, and presentations.

Ignite has already helped professionals from these companies become better tech leaders.

Training details

During this 20h of live training you, Your mentor and 9 other top-notch professionals will develop together a growth mindset, and deconstruct excellence. You will explore learning techniques, peak performance routines, wellness-balancing microhabits, actionable exercises, energy management, productivity tips and tools, time management, systems thinking, personal branding, networking techniques and more.

You will become a balanced person and leader, being able to exploit your skills and unleash your full potential, while increasing your overall wellness.


The Program

📅 February, 2022

⏱️ Tuesdays 17:30 PM — 19:30 PM CET
           All times Central European Time (UTC+2)

Ignite Program consists of two 120-minute team mentoring sessions each week for 5 weeks, plus a North Star Session 1-1 with your mentor for a total of twenty hours of mentoring. Each session will be a hybrid of teaching, coaching, discussion, and implementation.

There is also a dedicated #ignite Slack channel in our private Lidr community, for problem-solving, accountability, sharing resources, giving feedback and solving questions between team sessions.


Session 1: Kickoff and introduction to leadership roles in tech

Session 2: Building a growth mindset and habits of excellence

Session 3: Focus, productivity and scheduling for peak performance

Session 4: Technical vision. Tech overview, systems design and product-driven mindset

Session 5: Developing a business vision and understanding the customer

Session 6: Business communication for techies. Translating and filtering effectively

Session 7: Leading high-performing teams. Enabling Informal leadership

Session 8: The power of your network and your brand. Wrap-up & Retrospective

Session 9: Explore key aspects of effective conflicts resolution through practical exercises with our leadership coach

Session 10: The power of your network and your brand. 

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Mentors of the program

Ruben Vilar
CTO at Zinklar

CTO, tech leader, mentor, and investor. He has +10 years of experience in startups and +7 years leading technology teams as CTO in companies such as Groupalia, Colvin and Nannyfy.

David Camargo
VP of Engineering at Instaleap

He leads a team of 80+ engineers to build the next generation of retail software.

Pedro Omedas
CTO & Entrepreneur.

He has participated in the creation and growth of a coordinated health startup and scaling technical teams.

Álvaro Moya
Founder at & CTO

CTO with +9 years of experience. He has led big tech teams in high-growth scale-ups such as Wefox or Revolut.

Alfons Foubert
Engineering Managers Coach

Former Senior Software Engineering Manager at N26 and Technical Director at companies like Adevinta or TeamCMP.

Pablo Velarde
Tech Sales Consultant

Former Sales Director for EMEA at Cisco Meraki.


Aspiring leaders around the world trust in us to be their tech sherpas.
Our purpose is to have a deep impact on your growth, and this is what they say about the experience:

+120 leaders around the world have taken our program 🌎

We'd like to make it easy for you 🙂

30 days warranty

Have you registered for the course, and are you not getting any benefits from the program? No worries, we will refund your money back, no questions.



Payment in instalments is possible

Book your admission interview, and our team will give you all the details about the different payment options available.



Fund it with your company

We can help you manage the payment with your company if you need it. If you live in Spain, the course can be funded directly with FUNDAE.

Frequently asked questions

How many people can take part in this program?

This program is designed for a minimum of 15 people up to a maximum of 20 people, in order to ensure an intimate setting and dedicated attention to each personal case.

What if there aren’t empty seats for this training?

You can join the waiting list. First, we will get in touch with you in case someone releases her seat. Second, you will be the first to know once a new edition becomes available, so you can get early access.

What is the change/cancellation/refund policy?

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee from the moment you purchase the online training. In case you can not start in the assigned edition of the training, we could move you to the next edition, as long as you tell us at least 7 days prior to the start of the training.

Is this training available worldwide?

We firmly believe distributed and international workforces will shape the future of work, so are we and so is our audience. The workshops are run entirely in English, are 100% online and everyone can enroll, as long as the schedule works for them. Please check it carefully on the Training details page of the course of your interest.

Who has created this training?

This training has been designed by the mentor in collaboration with the academic team at Lidr, mostly CTOs that have lived the transition from developer to manager “the old way”. Now we create together the kind of training we wish we had had when we started our journey.

Can I ask another question?

Sure! If something is unclear or you need more information, feel free to contact us directly by email ( or by whatsapp. We understand it’s a fair amount of time and money to invest and we want to be totally sure you have everything at your disposal to come 120% convinced of the impact Ignite will have in your growth. We want to hear you roaring in the opening session!

What if I can’t make it to a certain session?

This program is designed to be an interactive group experience and “showing up” focused and engaged is 90% of success. To become a peak-performing leader commitment and consistency are absolutely mandatory.

Anyway, we totally understand that something can come up at any given time and prevent you from attending. No worries, each session will be recorded and shared shortly afterward, and you are granted lifetime access to all the content and materials.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes. If you prefer, you can pay for the program in 2 monthly installments. Please get in contact for more details about financing.

How do I request a refund?

Send us an email at and we will process your refund shortly.

What if I am unhappy with the training?

We want to be paid for delivering real value. If you are not satisfied with the results of the training once done, contact us at and we will give you a full refund, no questions.

Can you run this program for my company?

Yes. We can run a private version of this program for future and current technical leaders all working for the same company. Please get in contact for more details.

Free webinar

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