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LIDR is the first ecosystem that helps you boost your career in tech leadership through 100% actionable courses hosted by top expert CTOs

We help you to become a great Tech Lead

Live and on demand trainings to boost your Tech leadership skills

Would you like to become an effective Tech Lead and don’t know how to start? LIDR helps you go through this amazing journey.

100% structured and actionable content

Forget about courses with tons of boring hours of presentations. All content delivered in our platform is 100% actionable and covers all necessary aspects to help you become an effective Tech Lead.

Top experts to help future Tech leaders

We collaborate with top expert CTOs from the industry to deliver the best content.

Join aspiring leaders from

Programs to grow

Ignite is a 100% online program that prepares you to handle tech-lead and engineering manager positions.

Live training with a duration of 10 weeks

20 hours of group sessions + 20 hours of extra resources

1 hour of personal mentoring

LIDR Academy is a cohort-based course that helps you move from Developer to Tech Lead at your own pace.

Cohort-based online course with 12 months of duration

100% structure and actionable content

Created by top expert mentors

Top experts to help future tech leaders

Everything you will experience during our trainings are real startup cases based on the knowledge and experiences of our mentors, top-notch leaders that contributed to build and grow some of the most successful companies around Europe.

Alfons Foubert

Engineering Managers Coach.
Former Senior Software Engineering Manager at N26 and Technical Director at companies like Adevinta or TeamCMP.

Álvaro Moya

 Founder at Lidr.co 
CTO with +9 years of experience. He has led big tech teams in high-growth scale-ups such as Wefox or Revolut.

Pedro Omedas

CTO, Mentor and Entrepreneur.
He has participated in the creation and growth of a coordinated health startup and scaling technical teams.

Pablo Velarde

Sales Consultant for tech companies and startups. 

Former Sales Director for EMEA at Cisco Meraki.

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Aspiring leaders around the world trust in us to be their trainers, mentors, coaches. Our purpose is to have a deep impact in your growth, and this is what they say about the experience:

Lidr's Ignite program has helped our team leaders to acquire a 360 view of the company, better aligning the responsibilities of their areas with the company's goals. Based on the training acquired in this program, our leaders have obtained, among other aspects, the implementation of agile methodologies, the development of the professional careers of each employee, the review of the company culture and the proper prioritization of tasks. Without a doubt, the critical capacities that the leaders of a constantly growing company must have are covered with Ignite.
Emilio Galan
CTO Beonprice
It's been a very gratifying experience, you get the opportunity to develop a set of tasks that are part of the daily challenges of the Tech lead of any modern company, feedback received from the mentors had a very positive impact
Alberto Montañola Lacort
CTO WeGetFinancing
I want to thank you both for the guidance and advise during the project, especially Pedro Omedas on our 1-1 calls. It was an experience on it’s own and interesting to do.
Stephan Teeuwen
Engineering Manager
My cofounders recently said “your professional development in the past year is incredible.I don’t know what you did but it’s amazing” — It’s stepping up and leveling up but Lidr.co was instrumental there. It gave me a lot of confidence. It’s the first time in my life I have real serious confidence in my position, my value and what I bring to the table. I became the leader everyone wanted me to be but I was afraid to be almost.
Conan Moriarty
CTO & Cofounder
Hands-on education for the tech leaders of tomorrow!
Diego Jiménez
Product Design Facebook
I jumped from being an employee to start my own business and failed miserably. I then realised I needed to step my game and really gain new skills very fast" "I needed to join a tech community where I can learn, share knowledge and improve every day
João Mendes
CTO e Co-fundador
I would completely recommend this course, not only for beginners, but also for people that have been working as Tech Lead before
Jaime Rodríguez Moya
Frontend Developer
It was a great experience and we think that we should learn and implement some perspective we saw at the AWS workshop.
Agustin Navcevich
Software Engineer ABRA
I love that it’s a leadership sandbox. It’s a safe space in which to exercise the growth mindset. It lowers the barrier to allow oneself to attempt, stumble, fall, fail and learn. All while being surrounded by a team of other leaders from which to learn, as well as an amazing mentor like Álvaro Moya.
Phil Thomas
Tech Account Lead Zartis
There is one ignite for each one of the igniters. The way Alvaro conducts the sessions allows you to bring the concepts to your own reality and apply them to your objectives.
Angel G.
Senior JavaScript full-stack engineer at Kaluza

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