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General Terms and Conditions

1.- Identification and access to the Platform 

These General Conditions regulate the access and use of the Platform owned by LIDR Leadership in Tech SL, with NIF B42873760 and address at Paseo Vall d'Hebrón 120, 4º A, 08035, Barcelona, Spain. 

Access and/or registration on this Platform (hereinafter, the "Platform") is free, without prejudice to the economic conditions established in point 7 of these General Conditions to access LIDR ACADEMY. Once you access and/or register on the Platform, you will hold the status of user of the Platform. 

For any question, you can contact the following email address: 

2. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions 

By accepting the General Conditions, the user undertakes to act at all times in accordance with the provisions established in the clauses of this legal text. 

These General Conditions will be presumed accepted if the student (hereinafter, the "Student") does not withdraw in writing from receiving the requested training, called LIDR ACADEMY, within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the official start date of said program. 

By accepting these General Conditions, the Student declares to be of legal age and to have full capacity to understand and accept the content of these Conditions. 

3.- Object 

These Conditions have been developed by LIDR with the purpose of expressly regulating the training program aimed at developing leadership skills of the Students, making use of its own content and methodologies. 

LIDR ACADEMY will be promoted through the websites and 

To carry out the program satisfactorily, LIDR will have the expertise of different professors and experts in the field (hereinafter, the "Professors"), who will intervene live and record training videos that will be uploaded to the Platform whose content will not It will be downloadable, but reproducible through the Platform, and that they will be part of the training program that the Students will receive with the aim of expanding their knowledge and promoting the development of their leadership skills. 

To do this, LIDR will make different technological tools available to Users with the aim of helping Students and Teachers in the necessary procedures for teaching online classes through the Platform. 

It should be noted that the LIDR ACADEMY programs are not regulated training. 

4.- Service description 

LIDR ACADEMY is a 12-month online course designed to help technology professionals improve their leadership skills. The course entitles the Student to enjoy the following services for 12 months: 

  • - Access to the e-learning platform with the Student's own username and password 
  • - Live online sessions by Professors where specific subjects will be taught
  • - Access to online content, always available on the LIDR Academy platform consisting of text, recorded podcasts, recorded videos, exercises and others 
  • - Live group sessions taught online 
  • - Downloadable templates 
  • - Selected third-party content 
  • - Didactic exercises 
  • - Support throughout the duration of the program during office hours, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CET 

Each course is divided into groups of up to 50 people maximum. 

5.- Participants 

The electronic contracting process through the established Platform will be between LIDR and the Student. 

"Student" will be considered those natural persons, with DNI, NIE or Passport number in force at the time of contracting the training program, who register through the established form with their name, surnames, identity document, address, email and password, and that you have made the corresponding payment to have access to the contents of the LIDR ACADEMY program. 

6.- Service operations and access to the platform 

In order for Students to be able to enjoy the services that LIDR offers through the Platform, they must take into account the following: 

1. Payment 

The Student must make the payment for the registration of the course on the web Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer. 

2. Access to the platform 

Once the payment is made, the Student will receive an automatic email generated by the system through which they will be summoned to create their username and password on the Mighty Networks platform. This platform is the one used by LIDR Academy to save and structure the content and has been customized with the image of LIDR. 

Once the Student receives their access credentials to the e-learning platform, they will be able to access the available contents, which will be unlocked gradually as they progress in their training progress in the Program. 

Likewise, the Student will receive the corresponding information about the group sessions, sessions with experts and other relevant information. 

3. Training period 

During the duration of the Program, corresponding to 1 year, the Student will be able to enter the online platform whenever and wherever they want and consume the contents as they are released. 

The LIDR Academy training program may mean that access to certain sections and content is gradually released as the months go by. 

Students will be notified through the platform and via email of the calendar of live sessions, as well as recommendations of the content they should consume each month to successfully advance in the training program.

4. Support 

Students can send an email to when they have questions about the platform, content, sessions, etc. LIDR will respond within a maximum period of 48 working hours to these requests. 

5. End of program 

Once the Program is finished, the Student will have access to the e-learning platform to consult the contents available there whenever they want, as well as to the LIDR Community, but they will no longer have access to the group sessions of the following editions nor to support from the LIDR team. 

7. Financial Terms and Payment Methods 

The price of the training of the LIDR ACADEMY programs is: 

● €997 + VAT, paid at the beginning of the program. 

Payment will be made through the following means: 

(i) Visa/Mastercard/American Express: in this case the user must provide the name of the cardholder, the number, the expiration date and the CVV. 

All the information will be processed through a payment gateway external to LIDR called Stripe, and you can obtain more information by visiting its website or through Paypal, and you can obtain all the necessary information at https:/ / 

In the event of purchasing the program through the Stripe platform or the Paypal platform, the Student must carefully read the Terms and Conditions of said platform since it is a payment platform outside LIDR whose services are used by LIDR in order to facilitate payment by Students. 

There is the option of making the payment through direct bank transfer in the name of LIDR. The account number will be provided to the Student at the time of the formalization of the purchase.

8. Right to Cancel 

In accordance with Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, which approves the revised text of the General Consumer and User Protection Act (Spain) and other complementary laws, Students have fourteen (14) calendar days from the Programme start-date to exercise their right to cancel, without penalty and without the need to state their reason(s). 

Students are duly informed about this during the interview prior to accessing the Programme and, having received these General Terms and Conditions, you expressly understand and accept that you will not be able to exercise your right to cancel once the fourteen (14) calendar days legally established for this purpose have elapsed, from the time when the programme officially begins. 

LIDR will comply strictly with the legally established deadlines and guarantees that, in the event that the Programme does not start within ten (10) calendar days after the deadline established and communicated to the Student, any sum already paid by the Student shall be refunded. 


To exercise your right to cancel, send an email to with the information shown below. This will serve as your unequivocal statement of cancellation. The subject of your email must state the phrase "Return of purchased product/service". Upon receipt of your email, LIDR will review the specific case and, if applicable, will make the refund as soon as possible and, under all circumstances, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date on which the email is received. 

To exercise your right to cancel, include the following information in your email: 

Subject: Return of purchased product/service 

Name and surname: ____________ 

Email address: _____________ 

Product purchased: ____________ 

Date of purchase: ______________ 

By means of this email, I request a refund for the amount paid for the product/service stated above, and request that the refund be made within the fourteen (14) days established by law for this purpose, to be paid into the bank account in my name, account number ______________. 

Place and date of claim: ____________________. 

9. Grounds for Early Termination of the Agreement 

The agreement shall be terminated in the following circumstances: 

1. Due to the established terms and deadlines being met: that is to say, due to the Programme being completed. 2. At any time, unilaterally, due to a serious breach of the General Terms and Conditions. 

LIDR may terminate or suspend any or all of the agreed services immediately, without notice or liability, if the Student fails to comply with the terms and conditions set out in this document. 

Upon termination of the agreement, the Student's right to use the services automatically cease. 

Grounds for LIDR unilaterally terminating the contract shall include bad faith or serious breach of the General Terms and Conditions. Along with the breaches set out in the body of this document, the following are deemed to be serious breaches of the General Terms and Conditions:

(i) Wholly or partly false information included among the details given during the process of signing up to any of the services. 

(ii) Altering, circumventing, reverse engineering, decompiling or otherwise disassembling the security technology provided by LIDR. 

(iii) Abuse of the support services provided due to requiring more hours than those initially established. 

(iv) False and unfounded opinions, insults, abuse and/or slander, with the intention of discrediting the owner of the products or services purchased and/or any LIDR staff member, as well as any of the Programme's partners. 

(v) Any additional breaches set out in the Terms and Conditions. 

(vi) Self-promotion within the Programme's communication channels and/or training for Students, related or unrelated to the content taught in the Programme, as well as the promotion of other products. 

Termination of the agreement implies the loss of the Student's rights to the agreed service, as well as any amounts paid for them. 

This unilateral termination for actions contrary to good faith or due to serious breach of the agreement shall not in any way give rise to any right to a refund of sums owed or paid, or to receive any kind of compensation for the party in breach. Further, LIDR's rights to exercise any action under law are enforceable in seeking redress for its interests and for the full rectification of any damages caused. 

10. Right of Exclusion 

LIDR reserves the right to refuse admission, deny or withdraw access to the e-learning Platform and the services offered without prior notice to any Student who breaches these General Terms and Conditions. 

11. Intellectual Property 

All rights to the Platform's content, design and source code and in particular including, but not limited to, all rights to photographs, images, text, logos, designs, trademarks, trade names and data included within the Platform, along with any other intellectual and industrial property rights, are owned by LIDR or by third parties who have expressly authorised LIDR to use them within its Platform. 

Therefore - and in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, which approves the revised text of the Intellectual Property Act, regularising, clarifying and harmonising the current statutory provisions on the matter ("Intellectual Property Act") as well as Act 17/2001 of 7 December, regarding trademarks and complementary legislation on intellectual and industrial property - it is expressly prohibited to reproduce, transmit, adapt, translate, distribute, publicly communicate, including making available, all or part of the contents of the Platform, on any media or by any technical means, unless expressly authorised by LIDR in writing. 

LIDR does not grant any kind of licence or authorisation to use its intellectual and industrial property or any other property or right in relation to the Platform, and under no circumstances shall it in any way be deemed that Students' access or browsing implies a waiver, transmission, licence, or total or partial transfer of such rights on the part of LIDR. 

Except with the express permission of LIDR, it is expressly prohibited to reproduce, distribute or publicly communicate, including making available, all or part of the contents of this Platform, the associated brands, and the totality of the LIDR ACADEMY content, as well as the training provided throughout the Programme, or the content published on the channels used or made available to the Student - such as, for example, the Slack channel or Telegram group - with this list being merely illustrative, and not limiting in nature, or exclusive in any way, for commercial or any other purpose, on any medium or by any technical means.

The Student agrees to respect LIDR's Intellectual and Industrial Property rights. He/she may therefore only view content on the Platform without the option of printing, copying or storing them on his/her computer hard drive or any other physical device. The Student must not delete, alter, evade or manipulate any protection device or security system installed on LIDR's website. 

Any use of such content that has not been previously authorised by LIDR shall be deemed to be a serious breach of intellectual or industrial property rights and will lead to the legally established liability. 

12. Liability Disclaimer 

14.1. Liability disclaimer in relation to the functioning of the Platform 

LIDR does not grant any warranty and is not liable under any circumstances for damages of any kind arising from accessing or using the Platform's content. By way of example, and without limitation, LIDR shall not be liable for the following circumstances, among others: 

i. Any lack of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the Platform and/or its services or content, excluding to the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of operation of the Platform. 

ii. Any failing in the usefulness of the Platform or any of the contents of any service. 

iii. The content from other internet sites to which links may be directed or links placed on the Platform. iv. The presence of viruses, malicious or harmful programs on the Platform. 

v. Illegal, negligent or fraudulent use, or use that is contrary to these General Terms and Conditions or good faith, in regard to the Platform or its contents by the Students - including any infringement of the intellectual property and/or industrial rights of LIDR or third parties. 

vi. Incidents resulting from a lack of due diligence on the part of the Student or from improper use of the Platform. 

vii. Due to the publication of modifications and/or additional legal texts that LIDR may include in the future on the Platform. 

viii. Due to situations of force majeure, telecommunications or internet network blocks, actions or omissions by third parties, telecommunications operators or service, supply or transport companies, or any other causes or circumstances beyond the control of LIDR that prevent the normal use of the Platform. 

LIDR also advises that exercises made available to Students, in the form of examples to be used for practical application or for developing or implementing the theoretical knowledge imparted during the Programme, are provided purely as theoretical examples. LIDR therefore disclaims any liability for the use or misuse of these. 

Similarly, where the Student signs up for any service or collaborates with any of the professionals or employees to whom they have been introduced via LIDR, even where LIDR itself has provided them with the contact details of said professionals or employees, they do so under their own responsibility and at their own discretion. LIDR offers no guarantee, under any circumstance, for the work or assistance provided to the Student by these professionals or employees. This contractual or employment relationship falls completely outside of LIDR's liability. 

13. Data Protection 

LIDR undertakes to process Students' personal data in accordance with the provisions of European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, regarding the protection of individuals in regard to processing personal data and the free movement of such data (GDPR) and Spain’s Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights Act 3/2018 of 5 December (LOPDGDD).

Accordingly, Students are hereby notified that, in terms of privacy and protection of their personal data, they are entitled to exercise the following rights: 

(i) Access to their personal data; 

(ii) Request the rectification of any inaccurate data; 

(iii) Request the deletion of their data; 

(iv) Request a restriction on the processing of their data; 

(v) Oppose the processing of their data; 

(vi) Exercise their right to be forgotten; and 

(vii) Request the portability of their data. Clients also have the right not to be subject to decisions based solely on automated data processing. 

Any Student who wishes to may exercise all these rights by sending an email to, stating the reason for their request and providing a copy of their National Identity Document (DNI). 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, for full details regarding LIDR's processing of personal data, please refer to the company's privacy policy on LIDR's website: 

14. Hyperlinks 

The Platform may contain hyperlinks that enable Students to access third-party websites. LIDR assumes no responsibility for any content, information or services that appear on these websites. They are offered by LIDR solely for information purposes, and under no circumstances do they imply any relationship, acceptance or endorsement between LIDR and the persons or entities that own such content or owners of the sites on which they are found. 

15. Changes 

LIDR reserves the right to make as many changes to these General Terms and Conditions as it deems appropriate and, where it does so, Students will be given advance notice of these. 

These changes shall be valid from the time they are published on the Platform and the Student will be subject to the General Terms and Conditions in force at the time of signing up to the Programme. 

16. Students' Opinions 

Using the brand to provide truthful opinions and testimonials in order to improve the service is permitted. For this, it is recommended that Students use the available channels. Unfounded negative opinions, the sole purpose of which is to discredit the Programme or the professionals who manage or teach it, are not permitted. The company reserves the right to remove such opinions from its own communication channels and reserves the right to bring any applicable legal action in order to seek redress for any damages caused to its good name and image. 

In particular, comments, opinions, messages and communications must not include the following content: 

i. Discriminatory content: under no circumstances will opinions, comments, messages or communications be permitted where they are against an individual or violate the principles of the right to honour, personal and family privacy, personal reputation and dignity. Discriminatory publications of all kinds are prohibited - whether on the grounds of race, gender, religion, opinion, nationality, disability or any other personal or social circumstance.

ii. Advertising content: it is not permitted to use the Platform as a means of advertising, promoting businesses, brands or personal items, or to obtain email addresses to which unsolicited commercial communications can be subsequently sent. 

iii. Illegal activities: opinions, comments, messages and communications that promote illegal activities or contain obscene or defamatory content are not permitted. 

iv. Terrorism: under no circumstances are opinions, comments, messages or communications permitted where they apologise for terrorist groups and/or organisations involved in violent or criminal activities. 

v. Self-destructive content: any type of publication or communication promoting the consumption of narcotic substances or intended to incite eating disorders or self-harm is prohibited. 

vi. Violence: opinions, comments, messages and communications are expressly prohibited where they promote violence and/or include, but not limited to, sexual violence or violence towards animals or people. 

vii. Degrading content: opinions, comments, messages and communications that are intimidating, threatening, degrading or in any way promote violence against any person or group are not permitted. 

viii. Sexual content: opinions, comments, messages and communications that contain images or text of a sexual nature, as well as publications that promote the consumption of pornography or prostitution are expressly prohibited. 

ix. Firearms and explosives: opinions, comments, messages and communications that promote the use and/or sale of firearms and/or any type of explosive are not permitted. 

If LIDR is able to prove that opinions, comments, messages or communications include expressions or content described in this clause, this will be grounds for expulsion from the Programme and termination of the agreement, and LIDR reserves the right to delete the accounts of the Student(s) in question and report to the authorities any information it deems appropriate. 

Any kind of opinion about the Programme, whether public or private, must be based on the personal experience of the person expressing it. Thus, information that has not been gathered personally will not be accepted - including hearsay, quotes from other sources or other people's supposed opinions or experiences. 

17. Safeguard Clause 

All the clauses and matters contained in these terms and conditions of use are to be interpreted independently and autonomously. Should any of them be declared null and void under a legal ruling or final arbitration resolution, the other stipulations shall be unaffected. The clause(s) in question will be replaced by one or more other clauses that preserve the intended purpose or purposes of the terms and conditions of use. 

18. Out-of-Court Settlement of Disputes 

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013, regarding the settlement of online consumer disputes, the Platform hereby states that, in the event of a dispute, Students who are residents of the European Union may use the European Commission's Online Dispute-Resolution Platform, the aim of which is to resolve out of court any disputes arising from the contractual relationship between the Teacher and the Student or to resolve any dispute that may arise with LIDR. 

If you wish to access the Online Dispute-Resolution Platform, please use the following link: 

19. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions are subject to Spanish law. In accordance with Royal Decree 1/2007 of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Consumer and User Protection Act (Spain), and other related legislation, the Parties, in resolving any dispute, expressly waive any other jurisdiction and submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the place of residence of the Student in his/her capacity as a consumer and user of the services.